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$ 40 000


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In the Chernihiv region, 50+ mobile air defence brigades are being formed, as approximately 30% of enemy "Shahed Aviation" drones enter in the direction of Kyiv through our region. Let's help strengthen the regional air defence together!

About 30% of Shahed drones and other dangerous threats fly to Kyiv specifically from the northern border, through the Chernihiv region. There is an urgent need to shoot them down BEFORE they reach their targets in the Chernihiv and Kyiv regions, as far away from populated areas as possible.

Just last month, newly formed mobile air defence groups shot down 5 targets. But more is needed.

Our lives and sleep now depend on how effectively the guys from the Ukrainian Night Watch have worked. Over 50 mobile air defense groups on pickups are currently being formed, some have already been purchased, and some still require our help.

Therefore, we are announcing a major charitable campaign to complete mobile air defence groups in the Chernihiv region. The funds raised will go towards thermal imaging sights and mounts for them

CO "Charitable foundation "Commonwealth-22"

(Alex Yovenko) 

Примітка: PayPal в Україні підтримують лише особові рахунки. PayPal не дозволяє відкривати рахунки організаціям і приватним структурам. Це особові PayPal рахунки, всі пожертви на цих рахунках будуть перераховуватися на рахунки благодійних організацій.

Кожен донат, незалежно від суми - велика допомога. І ця допомога рятує життя українських воїнів. А українські воїни - рятують увесь світ. 
Разом до Перемоги! Вільним людям - волю! Слава ЗСУ!

БФ "Співдружність-22", 2023

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