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Fundraising for a medium-range UAV for the glorious 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians

We are happy to announce that the wonderful Ukrainian drones that we raised funds for have finally made it to our military!

It was a long and very large fundraiser - the total final amount was UAH 427,000. The amount was impressively large, and the collection moved more slowly than the priorities and combat tasks of our 72nd Brigade changed...

Correcting the composition of the order in real time, coordinating changes and improvements with manufacturers (change of drone modification, additional cameras and detonators...), and fund raising efforts - these were real CHALLENGES and we DID IT!!! 💪

We are infinitely grateful to EVERYONE for HELP!

Payments made for drones

Charitable Foundation "Commonwealth-22" is raising funds for a medium-range Ukrainian-made reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the soldiers of the 72nd brigade of AFU

Our goal
UAH 1 500 000
(~ $40,000)

Ukrainian UAV is not "a bio-goose from NATO laboratories", but much more powerful and helpful drone! The thing is crucial and not cheap... But in truth - it has no price, because it will save lives of many civilians and defenders. And their health and lives are priceless for us.

Armed Forces of Ukraine are on their way to Victory! Let's join their superpowers and help them protect the land, the people, and Freedom!

Help us raise funds for the Bird of Victory and Freedom - a powerful Ukrainian UAV!

Every donation, regardless of the amount, is a big help. And this help saves the lives of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers.

And Ukrainian soldiers save the whole world.
Together to victory! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

CF "Commonwealth-22", 2023

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