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Privacy policy

A privacy policy is a statement that describes all or some of the ways in which a website collects, uses, discloses and manages the data of its visitors and customers. This document ensures compliance with the requirements of the legislation to protect the confidentiality of visitor or client data.

Different countries and regions have different laws and requirements for using privacy policies. Make sure that you are acting in accordance with the legislation that regulates the order of your work in a particular region.

What points in general should be stipulated in the Privacy Policy:


  1. What kind of information do you collect?

  2. How do you collect information?

  3. Why are you collecting this personal data?

  4. How do you store, use, transfer and disclose personal data of visitors to your website?

  5. If you communicate with the visitors of this site, how does this communication take place?

  6. Are your services intended for minors and do you collect their data?

  7. Privacy policy updates

  8. Contact data

More detailed information about creating a privacy policy can be found here informational article.

Explanations, information, and examples given in this document are provided as an example only. This article is not legal advice or recommendation and should not be relied upon in making decisions about your actual actions. If you need help in drawing up your own rules for returning goods/funds, we advise you to consult your lawyer.

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