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Our team

At dawn on February 24, 2022, our lives changed forever. The hostile aggression of russia has become a real challenge for our people. But the tragedy taught us to be strong and united to protect our country.

At the time when our cities suffered from enemy shelling by the occupiers, and Chernihiv, which is the hometown of some members of the foundation, was cut off from the rest of Ukraine, we realized that we needed to act. Without delay, we raised money to purchase food for those who needed help, as a humanitarian catastrophe was beginning to grow in the city.

And then we saw that many people want to help and support those who are nearby. Therefore, we decided to combine our efforts, our experience, and our passion and created a Charitable Foundation - Volunteer Association "Commonwealth-22"! Together we are able to implement larger projects and help the military and civilians.

Owing to our legal registration, we can be more transparent in our activities and attract more resources for assistance, including from abroad.  

We invite everyone who wants to help our defenders and our people to join our common cause. Together we can do more and help those who need it most.

​Our achievements

Our principles


All needs and characteristics are agreed with the recipient


We take on small batches, so we deliver help as quickly as possible


All assistance received is formalized and transferred officially


We help the military who make requests that are difficult for one volunteer, but too small for large charitable foundations. We buy both individual items (body armor, helmets, gloves, etc., necessary for the safety of the military), as well as large items that are needed by entire military units. For example, generators, drones, thermal imaging equipment, and more.
Our goal is to assist the Defense Forces of Ukraine, which will help them perform their tasks effectively, and thus save lives and bring victory closer.

We value every cent provided by our donors, so our credo is maximum transparency. To cooperate with us you need at least a request from the military with the seal of the unit, signed by the commander. After the transfer of assistance, we will need a signed act of acceptance to provide a report to our benefactors. We know that sometimes it is difficult to draw up these documents, but this is the minimum that ensures equal transparency before people and the state.

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