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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Як звернутися за допомогою чи підтримкою до благодійного фонду “СПІВДРУЖНІСТЬ-22”?


Щоб звернутися за допомогою або підтримкою до благодійного фонду “СПІВДРУЖНІСТЬ-22”, будь ласка, заповніть електронну форму. Після отримання запиту ми зв’яжемося з вами для обговорення деталей.

1. How can I make a donation to COMMUNITY-22?

Your support is extremely important to us. For your convenience, we offer several ways to make a donation:

  • Our details: Details |

  • WayFor pay

  • PayPal

  • Transfers in Hryvnia, USD, and Euro

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Permanent quick donation link of our foundation: Link


2. Where does my donation go?

Each of your donations directly supports our military. 99% of all collected funds are used to fulfil requests and provide assistance, and less than 1% is spent on bank commissions.


3. How can I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer for COMMUNITY-22 and join our common cause, please fill out the following form: Volunteer Form. We always welcome new volunteers to our association.


4. What impact has "COMMUNITY-22" had so far?

Over a year, we have successfully fulfilled over 100 requests for assistance. Detailed information and reports can be found here.


5. How can I stay informed about events and news from COMMUNITY-22?

Subscribe to our social networks:


6. What is your organization's policy on financial transparency?

Our organization highly values financial transparency. We officially process and transfer all received funds to ensure maximum openness of our financial activities.

7. How can I request assistance or support from COMMUNITY-22?

To request assistance or support from COMMUNITY-22, please fill out this form. After receiving the request, we will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation and the transfer of assistance.


8. Can I organize a fundraiser or event for the benefit of COMMUNITY-22?

Certainly! We always welcome initiatives for fundraising or organizing events in support of our military. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for support and information.

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