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Let's help our heroes defend the East! The east of Ukraine, the sunrise, the dawn of a new life! Fighters from the rifle battalion of the Chernihiv region, which is stationed in the Bakhmut direction, are in need of car-borne electronic warfare devices. This equipment will provide protection against enemy missiles and drones, intercept military plans and allow manipulation of enemy radars.

CO "Charitable foundation "Comomonwealth-22"

(Alex Yovenko)


Note: PayPal in Ukraine supports only personal accounts. PayPal does not allow opening accounts for organizations and private entities. These are personal PayPal accounts, all donations on these accounts will be transferred to charities' accounts.

Every donation, regardless of the amount, is a big help. And this help saves the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. And Ukrainian soldiers save the whole world. Together to victory!  Glory to the Armed Forces!

  "Commonwealth-22" Charitable Foundation, 2023

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