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Unmanned aerial vehicle

Fundraising for a medium-range UAV for the glorious 72nd Black Zaporizhzhya Brigade

The "Spivdruzhnist 22" charity fund is collecting funds for a medium-range Ukrainian reconnaissance drone for the soldiers of the 72nd brigade

Our goal
1,500,000 UAH.

These are not "bio-geese from NATO laboratories", but much more powerful and scary - the real terror of the occupier! The thing is very, very necessary, and not cheap... But in truth - it has no price, because it will save many of our defenders, and their health and life are priceless for us.

Friends, our warriors are on the way to Victory! Let's join their superpowers, we can help! Let's show the aggressor real Ukrainian weapons, so that their legs will buckle and their eyes will bulge out of horror!!!

Let's collect on the Bird of Victory and Freedom - a powerful Ukrainian drone!


Card of Privatbank BO BF SPIVDRUZHNIST-22

4246 0010 0215 4981

Account (Hryvnia) Privatbank

Name of recipient:           BO BF SPOVDUZNUST-22

Recipient code:                44787078

IBAN:                                      UA023052990000026007026313120

Name of the Bank:                       JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"

Purpose of payment:   Charitable contribution to the UAV

PayPal / Wise
(Yuriy Tkach)

Note: PayPal in Ukraine supports only personal accounts. PayPal does not allow opening accounts for organizations and private entities. This is a waspPayPal account, all donations to this account will be transferred to the account of the charitable organization Spivdruzhnost-22.


BTC:         bc1qchju0kxer9eg4wjyjux3dsdwxldg8rkd88lazt

ERC-20:  0xd08B924Be1737b4De9bCFa4E35686433CfA6ad53

TRC-20:  TJ5MZAhcsmuUYPfw5WXQauCqKXF4eT554F

Every donation, regardless of the amount, is a big help. And this help saves the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. And Ukrainian soldiers save the whole world. 
Together to victory! Free people - freedom! Glory to the Armed Forces!

BF "Commonwealth-22", 2023

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