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Gathering on the DJI Mavic 3T for the fighters of the mechanized battalion of the 1st Separate Tank Brigade of the Seversky Brigade, who are defending us in the Avdiiv direction.

The "Spivdruzhnist 22" charity fund is collecting funds for a DJI Mavic 3T drone for the fighters of the mechanized battalion of the 1st Separate Tank Brigade of the Seversky Brigade

Our goal
UAH 240,000.

Modern military operations require access to advanced technologies that ensure safety and efficiency. The DJI Mavic 3T thermal imaging drone is an advanced intelligence, surveillance and search tool that gives military forces an edge in combat.


A drone with a thermal imager allows you to detect objects that are inaccessible for normal observation, even in conditions of limited visibility. This enables the military to obtain critical information for intelligence, threat detection and operational planning.


In addition, the thermal imager on the drone allows you to detect potential threats in advance. The military gets the opportunity to take operational measures to maintain security and prevent possible negative situations.


The mobility and flexibility of such a drone allow you to quickly respond to the needs of reconnaissance and support in combat conditions. The portability and lightness of the Mavic 3T allows you to quickly deploy the drone and receive important information in real time!


Card of Privatbank BO BF SPIVDRUZHNIST-22

4246 0010 0262 2003

Account (Hryvnia) Privatbank

Name of recipient:           BO BF SPOVDUZNUST-22

Recipient code:                44787078

IBAN:                                      UA513052990000026004006307739

Name of the Bank:                       JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"

Purpose of payment:   Charitable contribution to the UAV

LiqPay quick donation

PayPal / Revolut


(Alex Yovenko)

(Denis Pivnenko)


Andrii Piskun

Note: PayPall and Revolut in Ukraine support only the accounts of individuals. PayPal and Revolut do not allow organizations and private entities to open accounts. This waspbank accounts, all donations to these accounts will be transferred to the account of the charitable organization Spivdruzhnost-22.





Every donation, regardless of the amount, is a big help. And this help saves the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. And Ukrainian soldiers save the whole world. 
Together to victory! Free people - freedom! Glory to the Armed Forces!

BF "Commonwealth-22", 2023

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